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About us


Alcochem Steel is specialized in producing and supplying a wide range of tailor made metal parts, executed in stainless steel
or aluminium. We even produce a range of plastic products.

Development is done in a close cooperation with our production partners, located in Poland, Vietnam and China and in close collaboration with our customers. Required quality systems from the production plants are at least ISO9001, but in general all
plants meet the ISO/TS 16949 standard.

Our relations with producers and customers are based on a long-term cooperation. 


For more information look at alcochemsteel.nl 


Because of our long experience with logistics and foreign markets and our technical knowledge, Alcochem Steel can offer:
- Easy and riskless access to production
  in low cost countries
- Competitive price level
- Excellent quality performance
- Continuity via our extensive network
- A long term pro-active partnership

Alcochem Steel continues to expand her network of quality producers by sourcing
for synergy in the products. We maintain cooperation with our current suppliers and offer our current and new customers reliable purchasing contracts for their steel products with interesting conditions.