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BINsystem is a modular system in which
a high-quality waste bin, the Bin, plays a
central role. This Bin can be combined
with different modules, which provide additional functionality to the Bin.

These different modules are seated above or below the waste bin. Amongst these
modules we offer are a medical kit cabinet, fire control cabinet, a rodent bait station
cabinet, a paper towel dispenser etc.
  Depending on the application and location, the ideal configuration can be selected. 
The BinSystem units are high-quality finished and meet the highest quality 

The units are suitable for integration into the current street scenery as well as for more specific industrial applications.

For more information about our modules www.binsystem.nl


Quickview of our portfolio:
Hygiene BIN:
• Market square
• Malls

Single/Double BIN:
• Shopping centres
• Airports
• Highway areas
Wall mounted BIN:
• Swimmingpool
• Business park